The Importance of Learning English

The Importance of Learning English

It’s impossible to deny—English as a Lingua Franca. It is the world’s most widely spoken language. People who talk in English well have significant advantages over those who do not, and these advantages will only grow as time goes on. If your English isn’t perfect, you should start working on it right away! I have mentioned the benefits of learning English below.

Earn More Money

You will be eligible for more work opportunities and higher income if your English is good. When you go to any job search site, you’ll notice that most occupations demand a firm grasp of the English language. When all other factors are equal, those who speak English earn more than those who do not.

Suppose you’re a freelancer who can write well in English. You’ll reach a larger audience, get more work, and make more money this way! Even if you are not looking for a job, having a decent English language will help you financially.

My YouTube Channel for Spoken English-Language 

Here’s an example of how my knowledge to articulate in English helps others:
I have a YouTube channel where I share free English study materials. However, the route is in English; it reaches people worldwide and has generated many views and earning decent money.
Do you want to improve your spoken English but don’t have anyone to practice with? There is still hope! In my English-speaking course, a clear vision of focusing on exactly how to do it.

Increasing Your Career Options

Better knowledge of English opens up new career opportunities.

You might be able to work as an English teacher, a private English tutor, a tour guide, or a translator if you have good English skills. You can do one of these jobs on the side or make it your primary source of income. It will help if you have good English.

Globalize your Communication

You can communicate with folks from all around the world if your English is good. It is helpful in a gamut of scenarios.

A freelancing services websites like Google Drive and HostGator are all English-language services that I am familiar with (web hosting). If a problem arises, I am confident that I will explain the situation in English and resolve it quickly.

Enjoy English-language books, movies, and television shows.

Enjoy English-language books, movies, and television shows.

English-speaking civilisations have generated a plethora of creative works in novels, films, and television shows. You can enjoy these products in their original language—English—if you have adequate English understanding.

“Why do think with the originals when I can have fun with the translated versions?” you might be thinking.

There are two issues with translated works, unfortunately.


Unfortunately, many creative works, particularly the less well-known ones are not available in a foreign language.

However, it will not be a problem if you are fluent in English. You can go to the original contents.

It’s nice being able to have fun with the things in their original forms. I’ve been listening to audiobooks a lot lately. (It’s a unique experience compared to reading the books.) During my workout, I usually listen to them.

These audiobooks are not available in the native language. Therefore, I can’t listen to them. I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them if my English listening skills were weak.


There are no languages that are alike. No matter how excellent a translator is, some meanings are lost when mentioning in a different language. It is sometimes due to mistranslation. Other times, it’s because of variances in the two languages or English’s distinctive traits.

What’s the best part? Lessons Lane keeps track of the vocabulary you’re learning. It provides you extra practice with difficult words and prompts you to review what you’ve learned. You will have a unique experience.

Mental Fitness

It is probably the most underappreciated advantage of learning English.
Just like your body need physical exercise to stay in shape, your brain requires mental activity to remain sharp and healthy.
And, according to numerous scientific studies, learning English (or any other language) provides countless mental benefits.
The challenge and stimulation of learning English will help your brain no matter how old you are.

Why Choose Lessons Lane to Learn English?

Lessons Lane delivers structured English learning in a user-friendly manner, allowing you to learn in your own space, in your own time, and in a location that is convenient for you. With Live or Pre-recorded sessions, we provide a unique and straightforward approach to learn English. Ms Sunita has developed complete Online English courses are based on a tried-and-true system that allows students to work through high-quality video lessons on any device, at any time.

What’s the best part? Lessons Lane keeps track of the vocabulary you’re learning. It provides you extra practice with difficult words and prompts you to review what you’ve learned. You will have a unique experience.

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